We believe Prayer is a vital part of our lives as Christians.  People pray in many different ways: silently or out-loud, in their own words, or using familiar and much-loved prayers written by others. Sometimes, just sitting silently and lighting a candle, can help us to focus our thoughts as we are drawn into the presence of God.

At All Saints’ there are many different opportunities to engage with God in prayer.  Most mornings there is a service of ‘Morning Prayer’ in church (see our Service Times, for more details.

The church porch is always open during the day for people to come in and pray.  There is even a prayer desk, facing the altar and some prayer books nearby to help you.

In addition, sometimes when we don’t know how to pray, it is good to know others are praying for us.  If you would like others to pray for you or for loved ones in need, please ring our confidential Telephone Prayer Chain on 0208 898 3261 and, without identifying you, the basic details of the situation you have requested prayer for will be passed down a chain of people, who have undertaken to pray for all who ring.