Information on Cost of Running of All Saints’

Church Finances

These are the basic annual income and expenditure figures for our church. If you would like to see a detailed set of accounts, these are available from the parish office.

All Saints’ Church receives no government grants and is entirely dependent on funds raised at a local level, including donations given by individual parishioners, and church members.

Running Expenses and Income of the Church

Total cost of running the church – £81,940
Some of the major costs:
Ministry share: £71,000
Insurance : £3,083
Maintenance : £2,777
Provision of services ie candles, wine, wafers, books, etc: £1,237
Utilities: £1,735

Giving: £46,214
Gift Aid: £10,031
Other funds raised: £2,950
Legacy: £6,567
Weddings & funerals: £1,731